PaperWork as a Service

A Dedicated SharePoint Server. Loaded with Dark Blue Duck products.

Dark Blue Duck PaperWork as a ServiceTM allows users to scan, index and process paper documents from multiple locations without needing to set up a server and without having to configure a corporate firewall.

With Dark Blue Duck PaperWork as a ServiceTM you benefit from our SAVE Paper DocsTM and PaperWork EnablerTM products pre-installed on a dedicated SharePoint Server.

Your paper is stored securely offsite. Your data is backed up. Your documents are maintained in a searchable format. Your hardware, software and administration costs are minimised.

  • Low cost
  • Secure access to paper documents from multiple locations.
  • Use Microsoft SharePoint Designer to create Paper Workflow Solutions.
  • Use Internet Explorer, Apple Safari or Mozilla FireFox to access your paper documents and complete workflow tasks.
  • Access paper documents using mobile devices.
  • Uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine to index and search for paper documents